leana lane**


There are few things Leana enjoys and cherishes more than human connection. Known for her charming personality, sharp intellect, and adventurous spirit, Leana’s empathic presence will set you at ease, while her quick wit will keep you laughing and engaged. Always playful, Leana is skilled in the realms of vanilla, kink, Tantra, and much more. You will find her to be open-minded and non-judgmental, dynamic and capable.

london james*


An educated Black queen. An ethereal & proud Native American. A sybaritic Western European hybrid. An intelligent Middle Eastern minx. A voluptuous amalgamation with a disarming charm, effervescent aura, & a sultry southern accent, she is as pretty as a magnolia in May. A big personality with even bigger, curly hair London is sure to be your guide out of the dark banality of life & onto the journey to reclaiming your identity, your sensuality, and yourself.