anna alba**


Anna is a sophisticated and adventurous companion based in Barcelona and a frequent visitor of NYC and London. She is a petite pale beauty with a teasing smile, bright green eyes and a fine sense of humor. Beware, she is addictive...


ella black*


Ella Black is a down-to-earth blonde bombshell. She is university-educated with a charming and friendly personality. Her blue eyes, pale skin, and hourglass figure will captivate you while her soft lips and sensual touch will leave you wanting more.

harley stone*


US travel dates available if pre-screened.
Harley is one of those people who feels like an old friend after knowing her for just a short time. I love every minute spent with her and they pass quickly when she's around. I'm sure you'll concur. Harley is an avid traveler, so there's a good chance she's closer than you think!

kara miro**


The first things you'll notice about Kara are her big brown eyes and perfect porcelain skin. She's a trained classical musician, and we share a love of the chase and a penchant for seduction --it's what turned our first meeting from a platonic dinner between colleagues into an all night exploration of our chemistry. Kara will blushingly tell you that we've shared some of the best nights of her life (& I'll concur), we'd love for you to join us.

leana lane**


There are few things Leana enjoys and cherishes more than human connection. Known for her charming personality, sharp intellect, and adventurous spirit, Leana’s empathic presence will set you at ease, while her quick wit will keep you laughing and engaged. Always playful, Leana is skilled in the realms of vanilla, kink, Tantra, and much more. You will find her to be open-minded and non-judgmental, dynamic and capable.

london james*


An educated Black queen. An ethereal & proud Native American. A sybaritic Western European hybrid. An intelligent Middle Eastern minx. A voluptuous amalgamation with a disarming charm, effervescent aura, & a sultry southern accent, she is as pretty as a magnolia in May. A big personality with even bigger, curly hair London is sure to be your guide out of the dark banality of life & onto the journey to reclaiming your identity, your sensuality, and yourself.

louisa knight**



Louisa is a London-based private companion, professional submissive and poster girl for refined seduction. Despite her butter-wouldn’t-melt demeanour, she’s a world-class pervert at heart, with a particular love of all things kinky.


marla lyons*


A lithe, sensual creature, possessing a charming blend of intellect and quirk, Marla is warm and playful, with a strong and plucky spirit. A frisky minx, with a cheeky sense of humor, she is at her core an affectionate, devoted companion. Eager to please and be pleased, she makes a great "plus one" addition!

olive oren**


Olive presents as sweet and doll-like but you will quickly encounter an engaging dose of wit and smut resting just beneath the surface. At her core she is a kind, erudite and bracing little seductress.  Fortunately, we are in the same city and I can attest to the fact that she makes for a wonderfully entertaining dinner companion.  Her expanse of legs entwined around mine is something you won't want to miss.

valerie august**



Whip-smart and uninhibited, Valerie is all woman. A fusion of British wit and continental flirtation, she's a copper-brunette bombshell in a tight red dress, complete with hypnotic smile, poised confidence and a fondness for kinky misbehaviour.