what do you find enthralling?

If you’re here, there’s a good chance that a redhead is one of those things.  

Perhaps you’ve been known to get lost in blue eyes of an ever-changing hue; sometimes greyer, sometimes greener. Or maybe you have a thing for a slim figure and dimples of Venus, having heard a myth about characteristics they suggest and stopped to ponder if it were true.

Likely, you seek the companionship of a woman who puts you immediately at ease, who is engaging and laughs easily, genuine and lacking pretense. Maybe you’re drawn to femininity, to a woman who appears delicate, but beneath the bows, ruffles and lace, isn’t.

Perhaps we share a natural curiosity about the world, constantly questioning and asking why or how, making connections most people wouldn’t. Possibly, our commonalities lie in our shared values and work ethic, dedication to remaining grounded, and desire to leave the world better than we found it in whatever small way we can. Maybe you’re also prone to impulsivity, with a wild side that lives for the moment and loves the thrill of the chase.

I believe in self-indulgence and making every escapade unforgettable. My ideal dates are filled with spontaneity, a mix of high-brow and low, and a childlike sense of wonder. There's nothing quite like showing up to a burger joint in a ball gown, or grabbing ice cream in a white dress in the pouring rain. Let me take the lead and you'll find yourself living a life you thought only existed in cinema.



Per diem: 10000
ALL DAY: 8000
Overnight: 7000
5 hours:   5000
4 hours:   4000
3 hours:   3000
2 hours:   2000

Couples, please add 500 per hour.
Solo women may deduct 25% (thank the gender pay gap).
For dates requiring additional companionship, please see Plus Ones.

All dates exceeding 2 hours must include time outside the boudoir.
Any date concluding after 11pm is considered an overnight.

*Please provide a 25% deposit for all dates*


Monthly: 10k+

Complimentary access to the Secret Garden
First option for dates and private travel during semester breaks
Grandfathered to previous hourly rates
Gratis platonic lunch for your birthday
Holiday surprise

fly me to you

Please provide a Delta e-gift to cover business class travel expenses and 50% deposit to confirm.

East coast

3 hour minimum
Any evening of the week OR
any time Friday through Monday

Midwest & The South

4 hour minimum
Thursday through Monday

West coast

5 hour minimum
Thursday through Monday

outside the US

Available from June to September
Currently planning Europe & Canada for June/July


On the extremely rare occasion that I have to cancel, I will reverse digital deposits within 48 hours.
Other forms of deposits can be applied to a future date.

If you need to cancel, I'll be disappointed but I'm generally understanding.

48 hours or more

Your deposit can be applied toward the date we reschedule for. 

Less than 48 hours

Your deposit will be taken as a cancellation fee. A new deposit will be required to reschedule. 


Having read this far, don't you think it's time to introduce yourself?

There's really nothing better than turning a stranger into a friend through the discovery of a myriad of things that make us kindred spirits. I hope you'll allow me to spend multiple occasions getting to know you and learning about what makes you tick. The best way to spend our most valuable resource is making memories we'll both hold onto for years to come.

In order to ensure we have adequate time to get particulars out of the way, I recommend getting in touch at least one week in advance of when you would like to schedule time to meet. In order to leave time for my academic pursuits and other passions, I only accept a limited number of dates per week. Preference is given to friends I already know and adore, as well as new friends who write a thoughtful introduction, seek longer dates, and prefer more meaningful connections.


Diversity is beautiful. I do not discriminate based on age, ethnicity, nationality, size, gender identity or ability.


while you wait...

you only live once

Start thinking about all the things you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time or courage or right person to do them with. Or maybe those interests that were sidelined in order to pursue other goals in life. The most beautiful part of companionship in my opinion, is finding someone to share those things with.

If nothing comes to mind, maybe introducing you to my world will reignite you. I’ve always lived my life with a “try anything once” approach, and have often been complimented for my ability to find unique, interesting, and beautiful places and experiences. In that way, New York City is a never-ending playground for me, and I hope you’ll allow me to open your eyes to things you never considered before. My personal interests lean toward the artistic, hedonistic, and historic, but like I said… I’ll try anything once. And I hope you will too.

Toggling between the tabs here will reveal lists of ideas that I update from time to time. Let’s discuss and plan over dinner. You’ll find lists of restaurants for NYC and beyond by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking Dinner Ideas. The Diary link will take you to a visual compilation of my interests: artistic, hedonistic, historic and otherwise.





Spa de La Mer
Baccarat Hotel

AIRE Ancient Baths
Baccarat Hotel


Film Forum
Still on my to do list.

Unique and artfully designed theater in lower Manhattan

Roxy Tribeca
First-run, independent films, foreign, documentaries, art house and genre films, as well as every classic movie that every film buff should know. Still on my to do list.


American Museum of Natural History
Still on my to do list.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Still on my to do list.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Great exhibitions on design, products, objects.

Frick Collection
Serene old mansion to spend an afternoon, classical art exhibitions.

Modern art housed in New York's most-photographed building, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
A New York institution for historical art.

The Met Breuer
The Metropolitan's modern and contemporary space, former home of the Whitney.

A New York institution for modern art.

Museum of Arts & Design
Still on my to do list.

Neue Galerie
Beautiful old mansion featuring 20th century German & Austrian art

New Museum
Contemporary art museum, great view of lower Manhattan from the sky room on Saturday/Sunday.

New York Botanical Gardens
Still on my to do list.

The Rubin Museum Of Art
Still on my to do list.

Tenement Museum
Still on my to do list. I hear it's very interesting.

Whitney Museum
American art from the 20th & 21st century, located at the end of the Highline.


Andy Warhol
Whitney Museum
November through TBD

everywhere else


The Great Gatsby


Gardner Museum

Museum of Fine Arts

Museo del Traje
Buenos Aires

Ferragamo Museo

Fortuny Museum

Galleria del Costume

Gucci Garden

Kyoto Costume Institute

Fashion Museum of Bath

FIDM Museum
Los Angeles

Getty Museum
Los Angeles

Peterson Automotive Museum
Los Angeles

Museo del Traje

Barbie Expo

McCord Museum


Art Basel
Miami Beach
December 6 through 9