alternative deposit options

visa/amex gift cards
  • My favorite, because I use these to pay tuition. Please avoid sending cards for less than $500 when possible.

  • Walgreens has more lenient ID requirements than CVS. Retailers cannot sell more than one card per transaction.

  • Once purchased, email me the card number, expiration & CVV, and amount on the card.

  • **Please note that once confirmed, I cannot refund your deposit using this method.**

  • The easiest way to do this is to sign up for a Coinbase account and exchange funds from your bank account for Bitcoin.

  • For an anonymous Bitcoin wallet, I use BitPay. You don’t need one to send me funds if you use an ATM, but if you want to sign up, it’s pretty easy to use.

  • To use a Bitcoin ATM, visit or download their iPhone or Android app. Check for the nearest Bitcoin ATM to you, and take note of their fees and limits per transaction. Go to the location, provide your phone number in the machine (it may also ask you to scan your ID) and then scan my wallet QR code below. Then you can make your deposit straight to my wallet. If you have your own wallet you can also deposit it there first and then send it to me.

  • Copy/paste or carefully enter my wallet address to transfer: 

gift cards & cash


  • Send an Amazon gift card via email, or select one of the gift cards listed on my wishlist (link at the bottom of my website). Please don’t exceed $500/retailer. Note: some retailers can take up to 48 hours to deliver the gift card.


  • In the US: Closet Curatorial, PO Box 344, New York, NY, 10150

  • In Canada: Closet Curatorial, 505-639 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON, M6G 1Z4

  • Just for fun (or if sending internationally): put it inside a copy of the book that has had the greatest impact on your life, or one of the ones on my reading list.

calendar & credit card deposit


plus ones

I've long lived by the sentiment "the more the merrier". Whether making new friends or spending time with old ones, I believe life is best spent in the company of beautiful and fascinating people. Below are some favorites I've met in the demimonde, and would be happy to introduce you to -- whether virtually by including them below with my highest recommendation, or as a "plus one" on a date together.

Alternatively, if you know someone you think I'd hit it off with, I'm always happy to forge new friendships. Patronage is as listed on our respective websites. 

One final note... asterisks next to each name denote the following:

** - friends I'm intimately acquainted with
* - friends I've spent time with socially
none - friends I've admired from afar & interacted with digitally